UPAA: A Brief History

In 1912, the University of the Philippines, founded in 1908, already had 119 graduates, including those from Medicine, Nursing, Law, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Agriculture, and Forestry. The Academy of Medicine and the School of Fine Arts (later becoming full-fledged colleges) preceded the founding of U.P. by a few years.


In March 1913, Murray Bartlett, the first UP president (1911-1915), asked College of Law Dean George Malcolm to convene the alumni for the purpose of forming an association. The inaugural meeting and banquet were held on April 2, 1913, at the Grand Hotel de Francia on Ronquillo St. in Sta. Cruz, Manila. In attendance were the UP president and the deans and alumni of the colleges. Named UP Alumni Association (UPAA), the organization elected Dr. Victor Sevilla (MD ’10) as first president.

“All as ONE to keep UP No. 1”



To lead the alumni of the University of the Philippines in concerted
support of the alma mater’s mandate as the national university.



The UPAA as a broad-based, united and strong body of fully supportive alumni members willing to commit their resources towards the attainment of its objectives.



U   nited as ONE U.P.

P   rincipled and proven


A   ctive involvement in U.P.

      and alumni activities

A   rdent advocate of

      Philippine social



1. Provide organized alumni assistance to U.P. in its role as the country’s premier academic institution


    • Raise funds
    • Establish scholarships
    • Engage expert services and advice on U.P.’s various activities
    • to encourage, facilitate, and enhance professional and social networking between UP, UPAA, and Friends

2. Contribute to a more effective participation of U.P. in the development of Philippine society


    • Sponsor interactive programs and fora to tackle issues of national concern

3. Establish an efficient placement bureau to assist U.P. graduates and other alumni


    • Compile a directory of organizations led by U.P. alumni
    • Build and maintain an alumni profiling system

4. Acquire competence on various areas of social activity outside the U.P. System


    • Establish a needs analysis system

UPAA Secretariat



Seated (L-R): Mayleen “Lhejng” Empaynado, Elna Divino, Romeo Carlos, Adelaida “Laida” Tapnio and Corazon “Dheng” Alcazar

Standing (L-R): Hilarion “Rion” Obsania, Arsenio “Jhunie” Apuya, Jr., Lucy Defante, Jenny Obsania, Shirley Bilbao, Allan Alarcon and Eduardo Esteban