Dr. Diadem Gonzalez-Esmero, a senior museum curator of The Rice Sce Museum of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), a Department of Agriculture’s corporate entity that focuses on developing and high-yielding, and reduce the cost ofreducingng necessities such as farm technology, products, and such. Dr. Diadem, Has been awarded the UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awards in Culture and Arts for her great achievements in her field of profession.

With meritorious achievements and through her effort of educating the populace, has been cultivating the spread of the importance of agriculture for food security in our country. Where Dr. Diadem’s goals are gender equality and development in agriculture for women, that women are canage in agriculture equal to men. With the average age of 57-60 years old, which the Department of Agriculture has stated, it has threatened the food security of our country. With the receding farmers in our country and retiring farmers, youth’s education for agriculture is needed to replenish farmers, which Dr. Diadem pursuits.



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