Each year, The University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA), where the Alumni Association gives recognition to alumni who have accomplished great contributions and achievements. Each year, five (5) awards are given to the top achievers of the university, which are the;

• The UPAA Most Distinguished Alumni/Alumnus Award

• The UPAA Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Awards

• The UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awards

• The UPAA Distinguished Service Awards

UPAA Multi-generation UP Alumni Family Awards

These awards are given to the alumni who have been qualified, who showed extraordinary achievements and outstanding contributions in the field they have taken. Nominations are made by the UP Alumnus, alumni chapter, or the local search committee, evaluated by the UPAA Search and Awards Committee, and affirmed by the UPAA Board of Directors. Here are the guidelines on how to be nominated for an award.


The Nominees must satisfy all the criteria established for the UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awardees selected for the year, e.g., If the nominee achieved distinction in multiple professional fields or areas of endeavor, or made a greater qualitative or quantitative impact than other awardees in their professions or areas of endeavor.

In addition, the nominee must have attained national, and possibly international, the prestige that has brought honor and distinction to the University and the country.


Their distinct professional fields enabled them to become distinguished and to achieve distinction in their fields, in which they made a significant contribution to their professions and the University. This award recognizes citizens who have lived exemplary lives and are nominated for an award.

An alumni who have retired from service to the University to the public, or a private sector whether active or retired for the profession may merit more rating points for the award.


The UPAA Distinguished Alumni Award is conferred on alumni who have demonstrated, in their chosen field of endeavor, exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions that bring about substantial benefits to society and distinct honor to the University. Recognition is given to achievements and contributions that impact the community in which the Alumni are or have been active, whether this is at the local, national, or international level.

In the there chosen path of the field for the endeavor, they decided to master, alumni who have achieved great things in the path.

Here are the General Criteria for the Awards, before alumni for the Distinguished Alumni Awards are needed to be following the general criteria.

With these criteria, alumni who are subject to this award can be nominated despite having been retired from public service or even private sector alumni, as long as they have met the criteria of this award.


With the same criteria above, the distinguished alumni award is to have outstanding and meritorious achievements that benefit The University of the Philippines and the country.

Here are the general criteria for the awards that are evaluated by different bodies of evaluators from who has submitted the nomination to the UPAA Board of Directors. These criteria are the basis of that process.

• Service Orientation

• Leadership

• Impact

• Integrity

In summary of the four criteria to be nominated for this award. Having a strong moral principle to their endeavor, having help/benefits the mass of their actions, giving inspiring actions qualitatively and quantitatively. Finally, not just for the benefit of individuals, but benefiting society as a whole.

12 categories fall under this award, There are no professional boundaries in these categories, and they are thematic; they might include the following, but not necessarily:

• Public service and good governance

• Poverty alleviation and human development

• Peace and social cohesion

• Gender equality or women empowerment

• Community empowerment

• Environmental conservation and sustainable development

• Entrepreneurship and employment creation

• Corporate social responsibility

• Culture and the arts

• Science and technology

• Educational innovation

• Public health promotion

And if there is no nominee for an award, it is skipped and not to be filled in by others, which might not be deserving of the award. That is what being outstanding in your field is, to be cut above the rest.


This is a recognition to those of UP Alumni whose family has been attending for three (3) consecutive generations of family, succeeding graduations. Regardless of whether the family’s current place


There are three (3) options on how to be nominated, in this nomination process, there is the UP Alumnus nomination, where an alumnus nominates another alumnus or nominates itself. The UPAA chapter’s nomination, where the campus nominated an alumnus for the award. And lastly, the UPAA Search Committee, where find an alumnus to various campuses to intensify a search for alumni. Nominees must be UPAA Lifetime Members, and UPAA Chapters must be accredited with the Association at the time of their nominations.

There are also Important Information and Instructions for Nominators. Firstly, the nominators shall submit three (3) copies. By submitting all documentation in triplicate, including the diplomas, certificates, citations, news articles, photographs, etc., that support your statement of accomplishments.

But for the Distinguished Service Award for an Alumni Chapter or Group, there is no need to fill out a nomination form. As a basis and a justification for nominations. Not due. A 2×2 passport-sized ID pictures are also submitted along with the other requirements.

But for the Distinguished Service Award for an Alumni Chapter or Group, there is no need to fill out a nomination form. The nominators still submit a basis and justification for nominations that includes the statement of the work, achievements, accomplishments, or/and performance of the chapter or group. A triplicate which includes the supporting documents such as copies of citations/awards, news clippings, photographs, and other materials shall be submitted too.



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