There is no denying that Henry Aguda’s passion for teaching, and a knick for technology are the winning piece that improves online banking, even easier experience access to financial services. With only a smartphone to be the requirement to access such services now, it is safe to guarantee that everyone can use it. Considering the financial inclusivity, the equality, and availability for everyone’s opportunity to, such as loans, banking, insurance products, and many more.

Aguda’s being still in the academy, shows more about his passion for teaching, despite being the Senior Exec VP/Chiefs of Technology, and Ops Officer. All across the country, Henry involves himself either as a guest speaker, lecturer, or a panel. In an effort that his actions, teaching digital and sustaining the access to education, thus will make capable graduate who contributes to his envisioned, a more progressive Philippines.

Drive to Learn and Grow

Embracing challenges can give you the right rewards, and it is no surprise for Henry to get these achievements, who has the drive to love and embrace challenges. And these challenges, that in time he learn to embrace, started when he took The Bachelor of Science and Engineering at The University of the Philippines. And further took Law at The University of the Philippines in 2008 to even expand his expertise, where he graduated as Cum Laude and Valedictorian of his class. And has been in progress to finish his Master’s Degree in Applied Business Economics at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Many other institutes also gave him a high-level rare industry-exposed knowledge to fields of his choice, like for instance The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania And the Asian Institute of Management.

In contrast to everyone’s belief of having the availability of technology to be modernized at this. Alas, there are still a good number of factors to be tackled, to make improvements/upgrades to their technological hardware/devices. This is despite the time spent online, Henry Aguda also spent an amount of time teaching online digital transformation, expanding inclusivity to cover the education. The UnionBank’s transformational executive leader, Henry Aguda, has been awarded as of late, awarded to Henry Aguda, The Privacy Advocate of the Year for 2021 given by the National Privacy Commission and as the CTO of the Year in Southeast Asia 2021 as bestowed by the European Global Banking and Finance Awards. But Henry, this is all but far from what he has achieved yet.

Henry shared about the education crisis that will affect us in five years if not taken action. In which he proposed to educate the young minds to be competent, to exploit the technological advantage for them to improve on, using information online as a basis to their education. “We have the demographics when we can take advantage of. We have a young population and we need to make their access to technology and digital easy,” Assessed by the Human Capital Index (HCI) and they emphasized how education is an essential factor in it.

This is presented to the UnionBank Xcellerator program which Henry leads, stated that it is an important driver to reach out to schools to bring digital skills to the teachers with the hopes of being capable in the future. Giving them opportunities also for the students through several partnerships technology and solution providers. Giving them the chance to level up their education.

Furthermore, technologies are also used in many different aspects of different goals in mind. it transformed from a capable enabler to an alternative or an additional revenue stream. We see often nowadays especially in the Philippines the rise of online personalities, social media influencers, and even celebrities taking advantage of the revenue-earning platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. Given the consumers, the netizen is hooked on their devices. The social media personalities essentially cemented their focused direction to advertising. But at the same time, there are also thriving technology applications, which are the decentralized applications – or dapp – taking advantage of blockchains to exploit play-to-earn games, which also assists in financial inclusivity.

Digital Transformation is Now Made Possible

“Progress can be achieved using digital, and we have seen that happen in UnionBank. We would like to see it also in sectors such as education and logistics.”

-Henry Aguda

For Henry’s team, execution excellence is of utmost importance, and platforms such as IBM’s API connect that support digital transformation is of tremendous value. It is to enable to take even further growth of the students and the logistic industry, it can be considered as a boost to them.

With a talk to the Questronix President Mike Dionisio, he adds to the conversation how the advocacy of Henry Aguda on digital services can be an agent of execution, giving his thoughts of how he shares the same vision of Henry and supports Henry’s plans and goals.

Armed with strong support from partners and stakeholders, With Henry’s spearheading the frontline, it is no doubt what height he can conquer.



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