From the beginning, the UPAA has been fired up by its mission of fostering Excellence, Service and Leadership, the sacred ideals of the Alma Mater. In 1986, then UPAA President Edgardo B. Espiritu said that “the university has established the tradition of being the main nursery of the nation’s leadership.” The alumni have become a force such that “the impact of the University on various aspects of national life may be felt mostly through that force.” Projects and programs of the UPAA seek to promote these ideals, at the same time encouraging unity and loyalty, as well as institution-building, among the alumni – in the process helping them to better serve their communities and the nation, not to mention pay back the Alma Mater.


UPAA Scholar

Do your part in helping a future alumni get through these tough times.

UPAA Short Courses

Happening soon. The UPAA will be needing to fund courses that will serve the best interests of …

UPAA Help Fund

Lets do our part in helping our fellow alumni in this problematic time.

UPAA Covid Relief Fund

Help stop the spread of Covid-19. Lets do our part in helping our students in UP.

Assistance to Stranded Dormitory Residents

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its threat against the country, it has brought great obstruction to the normal lifestyle and routine of people. And in the case of the UP dormitory residents…

Handog Lingkod Online Art Exhibit: A Fundraising

In mid-June of 2020, the Filipino Portrait Artists Guild, Inc. (FilPAGI), with the partnership of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA), has launched an online exhibit…

The Modern Heroes Tribute: The UP Alumni Health Frontliners Ceremony

The 2020 UPAA Most Distinguished Alumni Awards, Awarded to graduates who have achieved extraordinary achievements, Graduating with this award is the highest honor bestowed by the Institute…

UPAA Alumni Awards 2020

Each year, The University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA), where the Alumni Association gives recognition to alumni who have accomplished great contributions and achievements…